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No me olvides - by Alan Avalos
Best brandy for cocktails

ODVI went to Mexico, to get to know a little more his local brothers! For example Mezcal, which is a Mexican eaux-de-vie made from Agave. Like Armagnac made from grapes.

Alan Avalos is a Mexican bartender from Isla Mujeres.

We made him discover ODVI Armagnac and he experienced with it by creating delicious cocktail recipes ! Alan is a professional with an amazing creative eye and great experience in Mixology.

Alan started with burning some rosemary, to give a smoked herb taste to the empty glass.

The recipe : 

- 2oz ODVI Armagnac

- 4 Cucumber slices

- 1 Roasted Pineapple Slice

- 1oz Agave honey

- 1oz Lemon

- 5 Basilic leaves

- A dash of Aperol  

This was a perfect summer cocktail, fresh and between sweet & bitter, not too much of both.

Great match with Aperol, this was excellent !

Definitely a try it at home worth !

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