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Ambar by Santi Ortiz from Kyoudai33 - BCN

Best Armagnac near me

Santi Ortiz is a well known Barcelona bartender. He has several restaurants and cocktail bars in Barcelona and Madrid. He opened the Kyoudai33 only a couple of months ago and we can assure you it is worth the visit ! He created a Japanese inspired cocktailbar/restaurant with quality food & drinks. And besides that, he also created one of the most delicious and fresh Armagnac cocktails with ODVI! 

Ambar - The Recipe : 

- 45ml ODVI Armagnac

- 20ml Quince Liqueur
- 45ml Mint Water 

Few ingredients, easy to make at home and so good ! Squeeze some lemon skin on top of the cocktail for some acidity (like shown in the picture).

Just one word : ENJOY !

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