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Landscape by Andrea from Galileo - BCN

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Andrea is an Italian bartender living in Barcelona, he opened the Galileo Restaurant with 3 other associates. It's an excellent brunch place with signature cocktails included ! The food is really amazing, as the cocktails are. Andrea has a lot of experience but his kindness and smile makes you want to come back ! 

Landscape - The Recipe : 

- 40ml ODVI Armagnac

- 10ml Citric Acid
- 12ml Salted Caramel Syrup
- 10ml Apple juice
- 10ml Ice Cider

- 2 Dashes Salt Solution
- Barspoon Benedictine
- Top of Champagne

Andrea called this cocktail Landscape, because we can find a lot of different tastes of flowers and fruits. Different products from different countries; Armagnac made in France, Britain Cider...


It's a very interesting taste of a fruity cocktail ! 

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