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Sangres Linas - by Alan Avalos
Crafted brandy made in France

ODVI went to Mexico to discover his local brothers, but also new cocktail recipes. By meeting Alan we discovered new ODVI possibilities. Alan Avalos is a professional mixologist and bartender in Isla Mujeres, an island close to Cancun. He made us travel with his mix and matches with ODVI Armagnac and local products. One he used was Ancho Reyes, an authentic spicy liqueur from Puebla.

It's crafted from Ancho and poblano chilis.


With this cocktail he created the first red ODVI Armagnac Cocktail, and we can assure you, this was surprisingly good !

The recipe : 

- 1.5oz ODVI Armagnac

- 1oz Ancho Reyes Classico

- 4x Blueberries & 4x Raspberries

- 5 Mint Leaves

- A little bit of liquid sugar, according to proper taste. 

It's a taste of flavours and surprises!

We loved it ! 

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