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Crafted brandy made in France

When creating the ODVI Cocktailbox we created 2 cocktail recipes in collaboration with Bar Spirit, in Toulouse.


One is the ODVI Mule, and we have to admit it already has known a great success with its tasters. In collaboration with Combier and Bar Spirit we experienced with our Armagnac (did you know this is the French oldest spirit?) and their French Liqueurs & products, to become these amazing mixes & tastes. 

The Recipe : 

- 5cl ODVI Armagnac 

- 2cl Lemon juice

- 2cl Combier Peach Liqueur

- 10cl Ginger Beer Three Cents 

If you like the classic Moscow Mule, you will LOVE the ODVI Mule. We re-invented the Moscow Mule with Combier & Bar Spirit, you won't forget its sweet and sparkling taste soon!

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